February 4, 2010

Almost a year ago, on a rainy afternoon just like today, something happened to me that I cannot explain, and I doubt you will understand it either.  I was dressed to go see a lawyer to try and get some support to help my parents as they moved toward living in a facility.  It is hard to watch the people who raised you age, and need assistance.  I was leading a Bible study and needed to work on my lesson.  I sat down in the breakfast nook and got grumpy when I saw the lesson was on the Old and New Covenant.  I wasn’t in the mood for that lesson.  Don’t ask me why exactly, but I didn’t want to do the lesson.  It was rainy, cold, I was sad, and I had a bad attitude.  As I glanced at the page, it talked about Grace.  The writer said that Grace gives us the power to do what we don’t want to do and what we should do.  I was shocked by this revelation.  You mean God’s Grace has power?  I looked at some references on Grace and in the blink of an eye, like a flash of Spiritual lightening, I was changed forever.  I saw my life in verses from the Bible flash before my eyes, and they showed me like a puzzle put together, what God was doing for me.  I had always struggled with saying words that didn’t honor God.  Not really bad words, but not good ones either.  For some reason, my mouth was touched in a way and so was my thought process that those words were no longer a part of me on any level.  My speech was made clean.  It has remained clean for almost a year.  I didn’t have to make this happen, God did it all.  I wasn’t seeking anything, but something happened that afternoon.  This cold drizzly day reminded me of God’s Grace and the miracle that happened to such a wretch as me on February 4, 2010.

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