80 things I learned from my daddy

I wrote this list two years ago for my dad’s 80th birthday.  He may not be with me much longer due to health issues, so I decided to share all the interesting, silly, and wise things he taught me.  Of course he taught me more than 80 things, I just did 80 to celebrate his special day.

1. To shoot a gun (not great, but I can shoot one)

2. Never point a gun at anyone, even if you know it’s not loaded

3. I don’t have to be a hunter to be loved by him

4. That you don’t have to run fast, just run and don’t quit

5. To jump rope

6. To play a mean game of jacks

7. When the odds are against you, pick up a bigger stick than you opponent

8. Turn off the light when you leave the room

9. You don’t have to hug all the time to really love some one

10. You can get a book published!

11. How to tell a good story

12. That you take all your required courses before messing around with the electives.

13. That teaching is an honorable profession

14. How to love a spouse

15. How to drive (some people debate this one)

16. How to make cornbread

17. How to enjoy reading

18. Not to laugh at opera

19. To eat with your mouth shut

20. To roast a marshmallow

21. To scrape primers out of shells

22. To appreciate birds

23. Look out for snakes

24. To trust your kids when they start dating

25. To never walk behind a horse

26.   To shoot through the door and then drag the body across the threshold (I don’t won a gun by the way!)

27. How a real date should be (doors opened etc. he took me on my first at age 10 and it was awesome!)

28. Life is not always fair

29. To always carry a pocket knife (sorry I don’t do this one)

30. To listen more than you speak (I’m working on this one)

31. That he invented the finger(yest the bad finger!)

32. How to change a tire

33. How to make “soppy” (his bbq sauce)

34. To enjoy sitting around a camp fire

35. Shut that icebox door gal!

36. Carry a rock for dogs on a running trail

37. Watermelon tastes best when it is warm and right out of the garden

38. If you want a cat, he’ll bring you one home

39. If you need a dress for the dance he will make that happen

40. You need to use your head

41. He showed me how to shell a pecan with a knife (I can’t do this)

42. He showed me how to dress a deer

43. He showed me how to pick deer hair

44. How to make sausage

45. How to make jerky

46. How to love the funny papers

47. How to play washers

48. How to play Monopoly

49. How to play dominos

50. How to play poker

51. To never place a bet unless you are willing to throw that money on the ground a walk away from it

52. How to cast bullets

53. That he used to be a girl

54. That grasshoppers make good bait

55. How to bait a hook

56. How to hold a fish

57. What a gig is

58. That plants need nitrogen, phosphate and potash

59. How to dissect a cow’s eye (science fair project)

60. How to sane for minnows

61. That you wake up a person by grabbing their big toe and giving it a shake

62. How to watch the ball when you are at bat

63. How to saddle a horse

64. The basics of football

65. That any team that can beat the Cowboys is a great team

66. Dallas just loves to loose

67. If you are going to challenge a person to chin-ups on a tree branch, practice well ahead of the challenge

68. That beagles run their rabbits in a circle

69. That Ruby(His hunting dog) could communicate and he knew the language she spoke

70. That tame rabbits taste like friend chicken (don’t ask)

71. That real men only wear shorts to jog in

72. Real men never wear sandals

73. Keep you guns clean

74. That belts have other uses than holding up pants

75. You can turn out okay, even with four sisters (he had them, not me)

76. It’s not wise to back talk your mother in front of him

77. That he is proud of me

78. How to enjoy dissecting a fish

79. Keep your nose clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least:

80. Wave goodbye until the person leaving is out of sight!

One thought on “80 things I learned from my daddy

  1. Uli January 16, 2011 / 7:24

    Great list. I need to make one for my mother 🙂

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