Holy, Holy, Holy

I have written about the experience I had with the Lord touching my lips and cleaning my heart and tongue.  (Just look back for the blog titled February, 4, 2010) The anniversary was Friday, February 4th.  The bad weather and a head cold made me overlook the date.  I thought about it this morning when I was preparing to go to church.  Our worship team and choir sang five songs and three really focused on holiness.  The last song was what I call the Isaiah song and John David Martinez sang it.  The lyrics were:

“And woe is me, for I’m unclean

But my eyes have seen the holy King

And he cleansed my lips right before my eyes

And the pillars shook as the angels cried

You are holy, oh so holy, you are holy Lord of all.”

I was so moved my God’s reminder of what he has done for me, even though I know He was also touching many other people, not just me, but he is still so personal and tender.  The last song we sang was Arms Open Wide and I made it a prayer as I sang:

“Take my life, I lay it down

At the cross where I am found

All I have I give to you my God.”

I love God so much and am thankful for his faithfulness and kindness to such a wretch as me! Here I stand arms open wide Lord! I am yours and you are mine!

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