Little dog….Big God

She is four pounds of adorable Yorkie.  Her name is Libby and she will be four soon.  She almost missed out on that fourth birthday.  She is shy of other dogs and people until she gets to know them.  She won’t bite, she just likes her space.  Her brother Zeke is the opposite.  He loves everyone.  Both raised in the same way, but very different dogs.  Last Wednesday, Jim was holding both dogs on the front porch while he chatted with our neighbor.  He reached out and gave Zeke a scratch and as he reached to pet Libby she literally flew out of Jim’s arms and landed on her right side on the concrete floor.  She didn’t move or make a sound.  I grabbed her and brought her inside.  He eyes were open, but she didn’t respond on any level and we couldn’t find a pulse.  Her tongue was hanging out of the side of her mouth and it was white.  I told Jim, “She’s gone baby.”  He wouldn’t listen and kept telling her to stay with us and rubbing her little lifeless body and begging her to wake up.  I gave her some breaths and she began to respond but only slightly.  We grabbed a towel, wrapped her up and flew to the vet.  They met us at the door and took her back.  I told God I was sorry if I had somehow allowed myself to love my dogs too much.  I told Him I loved Him more, but would he please give us back our sweet Libby.  We have never had dogs before and we have poured so much love into our dogs.  Retired people have a lot of love to give and dogs give back so much that it’s easy to love them.  Our wonderful vet took x-rays and started her on meds to stop the brain from swelling.  The vet told us there was no sign of skull fracture and Libby was awake, but in kind of a stupor.  After they stabilized her we transported her to the ER overnight hospital on Sonterra.  They didn’t give us much hope of a recovery and weren’t sure how long she would need care.  Jim left his shirt with her so she would smell his scent and be more calm.  We came home, fed poor Zeke and went to bed.  Neither one of us could eat or sleep.  I kept trying to give her to Jesus, but I was so worried.  Of course our pastor had just preached on “Do Not Worry” the Sunday before.  I did not apply that sermon on any level.  I called the ER twice through that night and she was getting better each time I called.  We had to transport her back to our vet the next morning.  The dog we saw barely seemed like our girl, but we thought she recognized us a little, although we weren’t sure if that was wishful thinking.  She still wasn’t walking but she could sort of stand a little with help. When we took her to the ER we asked if they thought we would be able to take her home on Thursday.  That vet had said there was about a 10% chance of that happening.  Well, our God is bigger than 10% chances and our vet let us take her home with the promise that we would monitor her closely.  When we got home, we took her out to potty in the grass.  She fell to the right, but managed to pee which was a huge exciting happy moment for us.  As the day went on she got stronger and more alert.  She was able to walk a little on level ground and seemed more aware of her surroundings.  The funny thing is she was always a barker, and it seemed her bark was damaged in the fall along with her motor skills.  On Friday morning, Jim set her in the woods outside our gate where she loves to explore with him many times a day.  They have chased countless squirrels and rabbits.  She started walking on the little trail and managed although shaky, to walk the loop and find her way home.  We followed her with tears streaming down our face and praise to God pouring from our lips and hearts.  Each day she has made more and more progress.  She can now go up and down the stairs and she remembers all the tricks and phrases we taught her.  Her little bark is still missing although Jim heard a few woofs this morning on their walk.  We have a little dog who almost died, but we have a Big God who loved us enough to save her and restore her to a good quality of life.  I can’t wait for her bark to return but if it doesn’t the neighbors might not be too sad!  Thanks to all who prayed.  Thanks to our awesome God!

2 thoughts on “Little dog….Big God

  1. cassie gainey April 11, 2011 / 7:24

    Oh thank God, I know how much your dogs mean to you, and I guess he did too. All is well at the Gainey household. Miss you, but Shannon is doing a good job… maybe next year you could join us at least???? Enjoying my granddaughter Georgeanna – she is starting to smile, and is much more fun.

  2. cassie gainey April 11, 2011 / 7:24

    Oh, p.s., love the roses!!

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