Being Specific

A friend gave me a lovely card as a thank you, but it was more of an encouragement to me than you can imagine.  You see it had so many specific items on it that I love (and she had no way of knowing this) that I saved it and laminated it, and placed it by my kitchen sink, so I see it all the time.  In my parent’s family, a blue bird is very special.  My dad had a ceramic figure of a bluebird as a boy and he called it the “bluebird of happiness”.  It hangs in their home.  My mom and I always try to find cards with blue birds on it.  This card has a bluebird.  It even has a blue feather.  I also love morning glories, but specifically the blue ones.  This card has blue morning glories.  I love blackberries, the color of dusty blue Juniper berries, birds nests, and pink flowers.  This card has all those elements.  It also has a Psalm, which is my go to book of the Bible!  It just makes me happy to look at this card and think about the friend who gave it to me, and the God who knew how much it would encourage my heart.  The friend who gave me this card is going through a very tough time.  Her challenge is bigger than her.  I hope this blog will  show her how much she is appreciated and loved.  The same God who gave me this specific card will carry her throughout the next few months.  He loves you Uli Smith, and so do I.  Thank you for being my friend!