Happy Gotcha Day! :0} :0}

I know today is more than this (God bless the USA!), but wanted to share this milestone on the anniversary of the event. When Jim and I lived in Virginia, we lived on the 12th floor of a condo for 8 years.  We both worked long hours and decided a pet was out of the question, especially a dog.  We had never really had a dog.  Tried to have one when the kids were little and that was not successful.  Since we were moving to Texas and would actually have a yard, we decided to get a dog.  When Jim agreed to getting a dog, I told him I already had her named.  I wanted to call her Libby after Scooter Libby who was  found guilty during the Bush administration.  I said her name should be Libby because we knew she would be bad.  I did lots of research and decided the breed for us was a Yorkshire terrier.  They don’t shed, they are small (not too much food and not too much stuff on the other end).  I liked what I read about them and we watched videos on Youtube and saw how cute they can be.  When we got to San Antonio, our youngest daughter stayed with us while they moved from Longview to Leander for a new job for her and a  job at a fire department for our son-in-law.  Andi has three rescued dogs and she is the best dog person I know.  I found a puppy in the SA Express News that was a family raised dog, not a puppy mill dog.  Jim and I went and saw her and it was love at first touch.  I took Andi with me to see her in the evening and she said we should not get her but get her brother who she said would make a better pet.  At the moment I was dead set against a boy dog, besides, I had a NAME!  When we went to the bank to get the cash, Jim said, get enough for both dogs.  I was surprised, but thought it was a good idea.  We didn’t want to leave Libby’s brother behind.  We had seen a video on Youtube with a cute Yorkie named Zeke who always got the ball when it was thrown.  We decided to name the boy puppy Zeke.  We got to bring our babies home four years ago today.  They each weighed 1 lb and were 7 weeks old.  They were the cutest things on the planet.  I decided at that moment that I had a dog sized hole in my heart that only a dog could fill and when we got our dogs, it was filled to over flowing.  Our dogs are one of the best decisions we ever made.  They have given us tons of love and pleasure.  I am so thankful we got them, and so glad we got both.  Libby has not turned out to be a bad girl.  She is shy with other dogs and people, but she is never bad.  Zeke is the sweetest “bubba” dog ever.  He is the best known and loved dog in our neighborhood. He has made me a huge boy dog fan!  I think they are both gifts from God and I thank Him for them.  Happy Gotcha day Zeke and Libby!

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