Birthdays I Remember with JOY!

When I was a girl I absolutely loved birthdays. My birthday is the 5th of July, so no one was in the mood for a party on the 5th. Since we didn’t really have parties,  my mom would let me have my favorite food for dinner and that was so exciting to a little girl in a small town who didn’t have much  excitement in her life.  We had a friend who made me a doll cake for my 8th birthday.  I didn’t usually have a cake and a decorated one just for me was very special.  I don’t have a picture of it, but I remember the doll had dark hair and there were some pink roses on her dress.  It was so beautiful, I didn’t want to cut it, but when we did, I remember it tasted delicious.  It enjoyed that birthday.  On my 10th birthday, my dad took me on a date.  I wore a sweet little blue dress.  My dad took me to dinner, a movie, and for ice cream after the movie.  He opened the car door for me and pulled my chair out at dinner.  He even allowed me to play a song on the jute box at the ice-cream shop.  That was a special birthday for sure! For my 21st birthday I was going to Southwest Texas State University and I lived at home.  I didn’t drink and actually never have, but at the time I adored Dr. Peppers.  My dad bought a case of Dr. Peppers and stacked them up in my bedroom and gave me this card.

Yes I saved the card all these years.  I’m surprised it wasn’t biodegraded by now! I don’t think my dad had ever given me a card and he picked this one himself to say he was proud that the strongest thing I would drink to celebrate my 21st birthday was a soda!  When Jim and I married he was in the Air Force.  We always seemed to be in the process of moving around my birthday.  One year we were in a hotel on my birthday and he and the girls bought me a small cake with a candle and we celebrated the fact that we were all together and moving to a new home.  That was a sweet birthday memory.  For my 40th birthday, Jim had planned on going over the top and having a big party, but the Air Force had other ideas, and he was deployed to the Gulf on my 40th.  A few sweet friends came to our house early that morning with breakfast food and put a huge sign up asking people to call and wish me a happy 40th.  We lived in England, and it was hysterical to get birthday wishes from complete strangers with British accents.  That was quite a celebration to remember!  For my 50th birthday, our youngest daughter made my favorite cake and had a funny clip from SNL about being 50 years old.  Jim had bought me several pieces of James Avery jewelry and I opened up the first box, thinking that was it and then boxes kept coming and I was overwhelmed with the thoughtful gifts he bought (and had shipped to Andi’s house so I wouldn’t know).  I was in tears by the time I opened the last box.  Not because of the gifts, but because of all the thoughtfulness, that was a wonderful birthday.  The cake Andi made was my Grandmother’s recipe and it was awesome! But today July 5, 2011 was the best birthday ever.  My granddaughter sent me a package with ziplock bags full of 60 things, sixty sea shells, to 60 Skittles.  Why?  Because today I turned 60.  Jim brought me a dozen red roses and took me to the Tower of America for a lovely dinner.  The parking guy wished me a happy birthday and the waiter brought me a menu keepsake with my name on it.   I got to have a special meal with the love of my life.  I am so thankful for him and the God who gave me these 60 years and all my wonderful blessings! Looking back over 60 years in birthdays made me stop and count my many blessings.  This is a birthday I remember with JOY!


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