I will lift up mine eyes!

I wrote this little account many years ago when we lived in England.  I found it today and decided to post it. I need to lift up my eyes and look above the circumstances that are pulling me down like gravity lately. 

A few Sundays ago as we were driving home from church, Jim said, “Isn’t that beautiful.”  My first reaction was to look at the lovely English cottages, the trees and the flowers in bloom, and the freshly plowed fields, and say, “What, where?”  There were too many beautiful things to choose from.  Jim replied, “That airplane up the in the sky.”  Well, I should have known being married to a pilot!  For a second I just sighed and shook my head and then I thought about it.  Jim had his sight set higher than I did.  I was looking around at the world and he was looking up, (fortunately for us he was also watching the road).  Anyway as I began to think about this, I realized I have been guilty of groveling on the ground when I should be setting my hopes on the One who is soon coming in the clouds.

“Heart of my own heart, whatever befall….still be my vision, O Ruler of all.”   Come quickly Lord Jesus! 

Sunset at sea


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