“D” words

Lately it is a pattern.  I recognized that the things I am most worried about begin with the letter “d”.  What?!  Yes, the letter d“.  About now, my daughter Dawn is starting to sweat, you are off the hook on this one Dawn.  🙂  No this is my list:  drought, deficit, a dear friend named Dave Zimmerman (he suffered an aortic dissection and a major stroke), defrost (this happened to much of the food in my packed freezer last night), and there are other “d” words on my list that I won’t name, but they also begin with the letter “d”.  We will call them unspoken “d’s”  I decided to think of some good “d” words that would help me with these concerns.  You see Jesus is my deliverer, He is divine,I will delight in Him, because He gives me the desires of my heart.  I can depend on Him.  And even though I can’t fix the drought or the government, I see Dave Zimmerman improving every day, and I can buy new food.  I am DETERMINED to focus, to fix my sight on Jesus.  At church this morning we sang these words… “I will wait and be still, knowing you’re in control”. I choose not to focus on the “d” things that worry me, but on my Deliverer.


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