She prays in the shower

I can’t remember exactly how I heard it, but we were sharing prayer requests at a steering meeting for MOPS and one of the women said, “Don’t forget to update me on that request, I pray for you and the other steering members in the shower.”  Those words sent a jolt through my heart.  I remember how precious the time alone is when you have young children.  Even when you brush your teeth, you are usually holding one on one hip and dragging another clinging to your leg, usually crying or begging to come up. You try to have a quiet time before the family wakes up and they wake up early too.  You try to pray and read the Bible before bed, and you are so tired you fall asleep.  I remember like it was yesterday.  Now I am retired and my “babies” are grown and I have plenty of time to pray and read.  I think that is why those words jolted me so much.  I knew her time was very precious and yet she is praying for me.  That is why I am a Mentor Mom for MOPS, because I understand what it is like to be a mother with babies and to long for a few moments to gather your thoughts and spend time with the One you love so much, Jesus!  I will be praying for you too my sweet friend.  I will be praying for you with joy and love!


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