Minnie Adele

My name is Karen Adele Taylor Worth.  When I asked my parents why they named me Karen Adele, the would always joke and say they found the name in one of my dad’s dog magazines.  Yesterday I was reading my grandfather’s “blog” written way before I was even born.  He died when I was only 8, so my memory of him is limited.  This is why I am loving his journal.  The journal started at his birth and told his life map.  His dear mother died when he was 3 and his father left him when he was a baby.  His mother’s name was Minnie Adele.  I always assumed I got my middle name from her, but I didn’t know the story of how she got her name.  My great-great-grandfather who fought in the Civil War, was wounded in battle and while he recovered in a hospital in the south, a little girl named Minnie Adele, would visit the wounded soldiers and she really won my great-great grandfather’s heart.  When he had a daughter, he named her after this little girl.  When my grandfather had his first daughter, he gave her the middle name of Adele.  When I was born, my parents also gave me that middle name. Until I heard the singer named Adele, I can’t recall knowing anyone else with the name.  Now that I know the history, it makes it even more special.  I’m glad my grandfather recorded this information.  Who knew it would be at age 60 that I would discover this treasure.


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