December 12, 1972

That date might not be important to anyone else except to me.  That is the date the course of my whole life changed.  This handsome young man from California asked a skinny little girl from San Marcos, Texas out on their first date, thirty-nine years ago today.  That young man was Jim Worth and that little girl was me.  As I write this I sit in my lovely home and I hear his voice doing an online class in the study.  Thirty-nine years later, my heart adores the sound of his voice and he is still my knight in shining armor.  He rescued me and took me off to many adventures and foreign lands.  We were both lonely late bloomers who became complete the moment his hand took mine.  The first time he held mine (which are super small) he said, “I always felt like my hands were small for a man, but your little hand makes mine feel big”.  God made my hand just for his hand.  I am so glad he asked me out that cold December afternoon all those years ago.  He was and always will be my perfect puzzle part.  I love you Jim!  Let’s go for a walk later and hold hands.


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