The worst little Christmas pageant ever!

In the last few days several of my friends are posting on Facebook that their sons and daughters are in a Christmas pageant this year.  It reminded me of a pageant that took place over 54 years ago.  It was “the worst little Christmas pageant ever”!  I was in the first grade at Bowie elementary school in San Marcos, Texas.  My teacher, Mrs. Meyers announced that we would be having a Christmas pageant.  This was a small class, but she said that each child would have a part in the play.  She began assigning parts, and I volunteered to let my baby doll play the baby Jesus.  She told Robert Bowden, a little boy I had a huge first grade crush on, that he would play Joseph.  I took a deep breath and waited for her to say that I, Karen Adele Taylor, would play Mary.  I mean why wouldn’t I?  I was smitten with Joseph, and I loaned them baby Jesus.  And then she said the words that shocked me to my core…..Susan Donelly would play Mary.  What, no way, that was not possible?  I sat in total shock.  She said I would be a “stinking” angel.  It was a sad bus ride home.  I told my mom and grandmom the sad tale and for some reason, they weren’t upset.  They were happy and in full “make an angel costume mode”.  My grandmom made a white gown and my mom started wrapping cardboard wings in aluminum foil.  Tinsel became my halo.  For some reason, they were not disappointed even when I told the my doll was Jesus, therefore shouldn’t I be Mary?  No, they thought being an angel was awesome.  Ugh!  Practice was torture as I watched Joseph help Mary to the stable over and over again.  It should have been me….it should have been me!  After the play, my mom and dad and brothers, grandmom, cousins, friends, and neighbors all said I was the cutest and best angel ever.  I decided that I just had to deal with the fact that I didn’t get to be Mary, but at least my baby doll was Jesus.  That doll was always extra special and sadly my mom made me sleep in my angel gown for the rest of the winter.  A constant reminder of “the worst little Christmas pageant ever”!


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