February 4, 2010 two years later

Two years ago on this very day, my life was changed forever! I wrote about it last year, but decided to explain it more fully today on this anniversary.  Nothing like this, except the day I got saved has been more life changing and transforming.  It was a cold rainy afternoon.  I was a leader for a Bible study group and needed to work on my lesson.  When I opened the book, I saw the subject was Law vs. Grace.  I was NOT excited about doing the lesson.  I was going through a very hard storm in my life and the thought of studying something heavy like New and Old Covenants was not on my list of “yipee, lets study this lesson”!  I had a bad attitude! (Just being honest here friends!)  I need to explain something about me.  I grew up in a moral home, but not a Christian home.  Although my parents had values, they were very colorful in their language…they cused like sailors!  Not to excuse my behavior, but when I found Jesus at age 21, I really changed, but the “language” I heard all my life was also in a lesser way, ingrained in me.  I would try to stop, but one frustrating moment and there it would be again.  I didn’t use God’s name in vain, or the “f” word….but I had other ungodly language.  (Not proud of that, just being honest again).  Well two years ago, that changed in what I like to call an Isaiah moment.  Isaiah walked into the throne room of God and realized his lips were unclean, and an angel took a coal from the altar and touched his lips and made him clean.  I never dreamed that could happen for me.  The lesson I was going to study had a section called “What is Grace”?  It explained that Grace is used in the New Testament in two ways.  The first way defined Grace as the power of the Holy Spirit which enables us to overcome every evil tendency.  2 Corinthians 12:9 tells us that God’s grace is sufficient for our every weakness.  The second definition was one we have all heard….God’s unmerited favor.  The first definition was new to me and when I read it, it was like I got struck by lightning.  All the verses I was reading and had studied all my life flashed before me and started to fit together like a puzzle.  It was only a short moment in time, but a huge miracle happened.  I was set free and my lips were cleansed.  My mind was transformed.  Even the words in my mind were changed.  I no longer used the words I grew up with.  Someone asked me after that experience if I expected it to last.  At the time I wasn’t sure, but it has lasted for two years, and when I have  minor slip-ups, I instantly repent and move forward in God’s Grace.  I doubt I have explained this any better two years later.   Grace is the power of the Holy Spirit at work in my life bringing God’s promises to pass, not because I’ve earned them by my good works, but simply because of my trust and reliance upon Jesus!  He has given me the Power and the Desire to walk in victory over that portion of my life.  I have far to go, but a mighty God is changing me.  I thank Him two years later!


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