A Perfect Day

Jim and I and the dogs went to see my mom today.  She lives in a retirement facility 2 hours from home.  She has some really precious friends.  One is 105.  Yes 105!  Her name is Esther and she always has a joke for me.  She seems more like someone who is in her 70’s not 105.  Today her joke was, “What makes a perfect day?”  This was her response….when the sun is shining, the birds are singing sweetly, a gentle breeze is blowing and THE LAWN MOWER IS BROKEN!  I have heard this joke many times from my friend Esther, but I always laugh.  Jim says I have a low threshold of humor.  Yes I do!  It keeps me walking on the sunny side of the street!  :0)  Well today I found out that the lawn mower being broken isn’t the only thing that makes a perfect day.  While driving to see Mom, we saw countless Texas wildflowers.  They are extra prolific this year thanks to rain!  When we got to my mom’s Jim took her shopping for some plants for her patio and other essentials.  He did this because he is a kind good man.  I got to have lunch with my mom and all her sweet lady friends.  I got to hug each one as I left.  I also got to sit at my mom’s feet and massage some lotion on her hands and feet and have a nice conversation with her.   All those things added up to a PERFECT DAY!  Sorry Esther, I hate to disagree with someone 105 who can tell great jokes!

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