Code Blue

Okay, true confession time, I am a person who panics and tends to be a glass half empty kind of girl.  Not proud of it, just telling it like it is!  Last week I had to help my mom through the prep for a colonoscopy and I love her, but she is a difficult patient and I think I suffered Post Traumatic Mother syndrome from this experience.  This sounds funny now, but trust me, it was the week from the bad place and then some! I come home from getting her medically stable and moved into a new upgraded care level, exhausted mentally, physically, and spiritually!  Well Jim had a colonoscopy scheduled for today, so déjà vu, back in the hospital once again.  I was prepared, sweater, tea, magazines, I-pad, I was as ready as I could be.  I still had flashbacks of dealing with my mom stuck in my head.  There were several couples there that went in before Jim.  About an hour after he went back, they called out a CODE BLUE in gastroenterology.  WHAT!  I was a little concerned, but not too panicked yet.  Three women went to the desk and were told it wasn’t their husband.  When I looked around and noticed there weren’t any other people waiting, I started to worry, big time!  I was shaking pretty good when I got to the desk to ask if my husband was the Code Blue.  It seemed like forever before she called and found out it wasn’t Jim.  He was laying on a gurney hearing the Code Blue and knowing I would be worried it was him.  Due to the emergency, it took them longer than normal to do his procedure.  He came out fine and I drove him home.  At dinner tonight we laughed about the Code Blue.  The person who had the issue didn’t die by the way, thank goodness.  I am so thankful Jim was okay!  I always appreciate him but tonight I may snuggle just a little closer and thank God for his Hand of protection over my best friend!

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