This is a rain flower.  It only comes out after a rain.  It is growing in a rock with little soil.  I saw it while walking the dogs last night.  We had something out of the ordinary happen here in Texas this week.  It’s called RAIN! We are in stage 2 drought restrictions and so it was so exciting to see several inches of rain in our rain gauge. This little flower didn’t stop and think, “Maybe I don’t have enough soil to bloom, I’m in a rock for goodness sake!” No it just bloomed.  Tiny but powerful, it bloomed and encouraged my heart. It gave me HOPE! While continuing up the hill I saw a few other hopeful things.  Another thing growing in a rough place.

A fern actually growing out of a crack in a huge rock face.  HOPE! I kept walking and saw this:

This bush is called Texas Sage and it blooms after a rain.  Lovely purple blossoms!  HOPE! I kept walking and found one more hopeful sight.

A neighbor down the street’s daughter’s car in parked on the street.  She is there because he dad has days to live.  Hanging from her rearview mirror is a hand beaded cross.  It is a sign of her hope in God.  A HOPE that when her dad dies, he will live again with Christ. I walked home with a song of praise in my heart!  God is a God of HOPE!  Yes He is, yes He is!


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