I miss letters!

I love technology.  Even though I am a grandmother, I own and use many forms of technology.  As you can see I blog, enjoy Facebook,texting, email, and have an I-phone.  I adore my I-pad and all the apps it has!   With all this technology you would think I would be so connected that I would lack nothing.  That is true, but there is still something I miss.  I miss actual hold in you hands, put a stamp on it, and mail it, LETTERS!  Before e-mail days, we lived in Turkey and England for seven years in a row.  My dad wrote me every week and it was so comforting to go to the mailbox and get a word from home.  Before Jim and I were married, he had to go to a military school for a few months.  The cards and letters he sent me are still in my possession.  They are treasures.  We have lost the art of pen and paper communication.  I used to adore a new box of stationery.  When was the last time you were excited about checking your mail?  When was the last time I was excited about reading the “letters” God has written to me in the Bible?  I check my e-mail and messages much more often than picking up His Word and seeing what He has for me.  Unlike the weekly letters from my earthly father, God has daily letters He wants me to read.  I miss letters.  I don’t want God to miss me, I want to stay in touch with Him! I need to go buy some stamps!

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