Special prayers

I have some amazing people in my life and I have had the privilege of hearing many of them pray.  I would like to share some of my favorite prayers.

Years ago I was in a Bible study where a young woman from Korea was a member.  After each study we would join hands and if you didn’t feel like praying when your turn came you would squeeze your neighbor’s hand.  The young woman’s name was Chin and she never prayed.  One day she gathered her courage and told us she would like to pray, but she could only pray in her own language.  I told her that was perfectly fine, she should pray in Korean, because God speaks it fluently and she is praying for His ears, not ours.  When she prayed, even though we didn’t understand a word, we all felt like taking off our shoes, because we were truly standing on Holy ground.

I shared before that I loved to hear my grandmother pray.  You have to understand, her prayer over our meals was the first prayer I ever heard.  I hadn’t been to church and I have never heard my parents pray.  I loved the way she talked to God.  It is a treasure I keep in my heart.

When we lived in Turkey, our daughters were in elementary school.  One evening our oldest daughter was in charge of the youngest. Jim and I were having dinner with friends.  The elctricity went off in our apartment.  We lived in a high rise building and in Turkey. Loosing power was a frequent event.  Our youngest daughter got scared, but our oldest said, “Let’s pray.”  As Dawn prayed a simple prayer, “Jesus please help us not be afraid, and please help the lights to come on.”  As soon as she said the word on….the lights came on!  That happened a long time ago, but it still makes me misty.

The last prayer is of course my husband Jim.  I don’t know how many times I have gotten close to him and said, “Please cover me.”  He immediately wraps his arms around me and prayers.  I am covered in prayer and covered in Jim’s love.

I am blessed to have lots of prayer warriors in my world.  I cherish each one.  They have each challenged me to pray more and have taught me how.

2 thoughts on “Special prayers

  1. Caitlin August 6, 2012 / 7:24

    Thank you for sharing, Karen! I know we all have precious prayer stories that are dear to our hearts. I really enjoyed reading yours! 🙂

  2. simplyjuliana August 31, 2012 / 7:24

    There is no greater blessing than our families(besides Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, of course!). Thank God for Godly husbands!!

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