Water has no smell;

Water’s in the waterfall,

In pump and tap, and well.

by John R. Crossland

We read this poem each year I taught  first grade. After many years of reading the same stories and poems, they became  my old familiar  friends.   But I think I would have to dispute this little poem.  Water in the form of fog and the beginning of rain has a marvelous aroma.  It smells almost like freshly mown grass just as the mower starts to go around the yard. We have been in a severe drought in Texas.  I would love to catch a whiff of rain!  It is the best smell ever! The part about water having no taste, well it tasted extra good after my run, and it was the only drink I wanted. At times like this I like water even better than sweet tea, and sweet tea is the best drink ever created!   I won’t drink out of the tap; it has to be the filtered water, because I think it tastes better.  I have even done a blind taste test to prove it.  Ocean water, snow, ice crystals, rainbows, all the lovely forms of water can not compare with Living water.  That is truly the most fragrant and wonderful water of all.  May it pour out of me on the dry thirsty lives of those I meet today Lord.  Fill my cup Lord I lift it up!  Thank you for water in all its many forms, because I know without water I would not last a day!  Please send rain to Texas Lord.  No matter what weather forecasts say, our Hope is in You!


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