Walk Me Through Life

“I know the One in whom I trust, and I am sure that He is able to safely guard all that I have given Him until the day of His return.”  II Timothy 1:12 LB

Putting my daughter down for a nap, I took off her little soiled tennis shoes.  Even after she was all tucked in, I held them in my hand and felt her warmth still in them.  Somehow I felt if I could hold them close enough, they would stay warm, as if I could keep those little feet small and that little life sheltered.

Lord, you know how much I love our girls.  You know they are growing up so fast.  And when it’s time for those hands to leave mine, help me always to remember, you’ve ALWAYS held their hands, and you always will.  Give them the desire to keep their hand in yours and to seek your guidance and love FIRST, above anything else.

I wrote this piece when Andi was four years old.  She is now a grown woman and a bio-medical-mechanical engineer.  Time flies!  She is married to a firefighter!  Dawn is also all grown up and lives in Washington state with her 10year old daughter, two cats, and twelve chicken and two bunnies. She is a counselor in private practice.  I think it is even harder as a mother of adult children to let go.  I had control when they were little to a certain extent, but now I have zero.  It makes my prayer life stronger and my trust in the Lord grows daily.  If your children are small, cherish the moments.  If they are grown keep cherishing, but never stop trusting the Lord.  He is faithful and good!


One thought on “Hands

  1. jimwking August 22, 2012 / 7:24

    Very nice, Karen. Warm and good. Thanks. J. P.S. Again, I hope to “do blogs.”

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