My God is so Big, so Strong and so Mighty!

Many years ago when my daughters were preschoolers, we got to live in England thanks to the Air Force.  Jim was a pilot and we lived in a lovely village and my two blonde haired blue-eyed girls had a thick British accent.  Midway through our tour in England the government offered us a trip home to America.  Jim wasn’t able to leave at that time, so I decided to take the girls home to Texas to visit my parents. I was a little anxious to fly all alone with two little girls.  I prayed that the Lord would keep us safe and take care of us.   My girls were always good in restaurants and trips.  They just behaved and rarely acted out.  While we were waiting to board our plane, a very well dressed man was sitting near us.  He commented on how cute and well behaved Dawn and Andi were.  He asked where we were going and we shared that we were flying into Dallas and then getting a connecting flight to Austin where my parents would meet us.  It had been two years since I had seen my family and I was excited.  When we got on board the plane, the well dressed man brought us “First Class gifts” from the First class section. It seems he was an executive for the airline we were flying.  He told the flight attendant to take extra good care of us.  I bowed my head and thanked God for His extra help during this flight.  I know it was His touch we felt. We were delayed taking off.  I got a little concerned about making our connecting flight.  When we finally landed and I saw the huge customs line I knew we would not make our flight to Austin.  The executive said, “Are you going to miss your flight?”  I said I thought we would.  He said, “No, you won’t miss it, I will take you to your flight in my limo.”  What!  Thank you Lord!  My parents were at the airport in Austin.  This was way before cell phones and texting!  Mom was worried when she saw what time out flight landed in Dallas and told Dad that we would miss our flight.  My dad who does NOT believe in God said this statement….”Karen’s God will get her here!” When we landed in Austin on time, I got to share how sweetly Karen’s God got her there.  He used an executive to assist her.  It was a good witness of my God’s faithfulness.  It is a memory I cherish, when times are challenging and I have to look to that same God for answers and help.  Karen’s God will get me there.  Yes, yes, He will!  Oh, and we had our luggage too!


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