Something happened to me one day while I was shopping.  Two little girls and their mom were in line ahead of me.  Of course I was instantly thrown back almost thirty years in time to my two girls.  These girls were extra cute.  They had on little skirts and their hair was fixed so cute, you could tell they were sisters.  One was holding her blanket and having so much fun rubbing it on her face and singing a little song to herself.  It was apparent the blanket was a  treasure that had been around for many naps and bedtimes.  It had been loved a lot!  Her older sister was bored and wanted to annoy the little one, so she kept trying to upset her.  The youngest turned her back to her and tried to keep her sister out of her world.  The oldest protested out loud to her mom, and  a distracted mom chided the little one.  She gave them both a short lecture on getting along.  When they were done, the little one lovingly looked at her sister and said, “You can feel my snuggly!”  As we get moving in this busy life, we might be singing a song in our own little world, and not want to deal with the others who get too close and even slightly annoy us.  “This is my snuggly and I’m not sharing”.  Only when we offer it to another is it’s value truly seen.  In the sharing of the things we treasure most, do we truly get blessed with joy, and the song we sing as we move away is sweeter still.

So I say to each of you this day from my own often selfish heart….

“You can feel my snuggly!”

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