Reboot your brain and heart!

Anyone else besides me having a hard time lately.  Your mind keeps remembering and focusing on things that don’t make you feel any better.  I am making a big effort this morning to change my thoughts in a very positive way.  I am going to use this precious verse from Philippians to reboot my mind.  To delete the files that need to go and clean my “history”!

Philippians 4:8

New Living Translation

8 And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on

what is true, (God’s word is true)

and honorable, (my husband is honorable!)

and right, (it is right to forgive and press forward)

and pure, (striving to be like Jesus who is PURE!)

and lovely, (the view of birds soaring and doing what they were created for is so lovely)

and admirable. (Jim driving 5 hours to minister to my parents for 5 years!)

Think about things that are

excellent  (God’s plan for my life is so excellent)

and worthy of praise. (Jesus’ death for my sin and loving me is worthy of praise)

So I am moving forward with my heart fixed on the ONE who I love more than anything else.  My Savior, my Friend, Jesus.  My heart will sing no other name! 

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