Tree rats

Today’s blog is silly and just for fun.  I hope it makes you laugh, and if not, it makes you smile!  Have a blessed day!

We can’t call squirrels by their name at our house.  We can’t even spell the word.  We can’t even say a word close to squirrel.  We call them tree rats (a name invented by my youngest daughter Andi who has three dogs that hate them also).  Zeke and Libby are Yorkshire terriers and they chase, squirrels, rats and mice, rabbits, and lizards.  Zeke spends the best part of the day looking out the window for squirrels.

Jim takes them in the woods multiple times a day to go hunting.  Zeke has caught and killed a rat in our yard and Libby (5lbs) caught and shook a small squirrel in our yard.  The morning she got it, she was screaming, the squirrel was screaming, and I was screaming!  Jim calming came down and said…”Libby drop it!” and she did.  Once you have tasted squirrel you get addicted!  I don’t speak from experience, just what I have observed! There are three squirrels that consistently bug our dogs.  They are a gang, a pack of pesky varmints! I think if they could find bandanas they would wear them and they may have tattoos, not certain about that last bit, just guessing.  They have names.  I call them Belinda, Melinda, and Jolinda.

Okay, this really isn’t a picture of Belinda, Melinda, and Jolinda, but it could be!  :0)

Today Belinda (she’s the dumbest of the three, I think she may be the one that Libby shook) almost went to squirrel heaven.  Libby chased her while her fellow pack members threw acorns at Libby (well that could have happened), and as she chased Belinda, Libby was stretching out as far as her little body would allow and snapping at Belinda’s tail.  She was so close I think she even touched the tail.  Jim said, Libby and the squirrel have the same speed, but Belinda managed to get to a tree just in the nick of time.  Zeke is always a day late and a dollar short.  He likes to take things slow and conserve as much energy as he can.  That may be why he is 7 lbs. to Libby’s 5.   He showed up as Belinda went up the tree and I think Belinda flipped off both dogs and said a naughty word or two, just guessing on that part too, because I am not fluent in “tree rat”.  Since Libby had her accident, her bark is very funny.  I’m sure it confuses and frightens Belinda and company because it doesn’t sound like a normal bark.  It sounds like she is in pain.  The next time you see Yorkies portrayed as purse dogs, come over and go tree rat hunting.  Make sure to wear shoes you can run through the brush in, because Libby is not going to wait for you.  She won’t rest until she gets Belinda, Melinda, and Jolinda!  As always her faithful brother, Zeke, will keep a sharp eye out and let her know if they are in our yard! If you hear barking it’s not at people or dogs, it’s at squirrels.  Oh no I shouldn’t have said that word!

This is Zeke my sweet boy Yorkie.

And this is Little Libby.  She is a dynamo!  Watch out tree rats!


5 thoughts on “Tree rats

  1. simplyjuliana September 12, 2012 / 7:24

    This made me laugh! Soooo cute….tree rats and all!! 🙂

  2. Kat Kreations September 15, 2012 / 7:24

    Thanks for the laugh! (there are at least 8 “tree rats” around my place! … a comedy stage on many days)

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