Years ago I bought a big bouquet of spring tulips.  I put them on a book shelf close to the window.  The next morning they where all straining to get to the sun.  That is when I wrote this poem:

Tulips turned to the sun;

Leaves stretching forth in natural praise,

Made of God, reaching out to Him.

If I had leaves and petals Lord,

they would be pressing toward you too,

Instead, accept my heart, accept my love,

As my natural praise stretching forth to you.

Today Lord, help me to be like those tulips.  To hunger for you so much that I press toward you with all that is within me.  I really need the touch of Your hand and the warmth of Your presence right now.  It amazes me how all creation is praising you and yet I find it hard to do it sometimes.  I want to be like those tulips Lord, give me fresh grace to move toward You.

2 thoughts on “Tulips

  1. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman September 15, 2012 / 7:24

    I have indeed been blessed today by reading a post about my favorite bird – The Cardinal and now reading this inspiring poem about my favorite flower the tulip! thank you for blessing my day!

  2. karenworth September 15, 2012 / 7:24

    Thank you. I love Cardinals too!

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