Wet Dog Crazy

This post is 100% just for fun!

Libby Worth age 5

Zeke Worth age 5 wet also!

Many of you are not aware of crazy levels!  Yes after many years on this earth I have seen all the levels!  Remember I used to teach first grade!  Smile! Of all the levels, none can compare with wet dog crazy! Each time we give the dogs a bath or like today, they get stuck in a rain shower, the moment they come inside look out!  They run all over the house and rub their bodies on the carpet or any place else they can find and make insane noises!  Zeke is the craziest!  We aren’t sure if he likes it or hates it.  They also play tag all over the house and bark like “crazy” at each other!  Now our sweet little Libby, if allowed, will try her level best to find a dead worm to roll on after a bath.  We have to shut the gate on the deck until she can be supervised in the yard.  I have had to “rebath” her many times! So the next time you see someone you think is crazy, if they aren’t wet dog crazy, then they aren’t really all that crazy! Lord thank you for the rain shower this morning.  We ask for more rain and don’t even mind if it makes Zeke and Libby wet dog crazy!


2 thoughts on “Wet Dog Crazy

  1. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman September 16, 2012 / 7:24

    Our Harrison is that way..now I have a name for it!!! “Wet dog crazy”!! LOL I like it. Blessings – Patty

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