Don’t pick up the rope!

Young couple playing tug-of-war Photo (b10611)

I’ve added a picture of my male Yorkie, Zeke and one of his many favorite things to do.  He loves Jim or I to pull a rope around the house and he tugs at it and growls like crazy.  We keep the rope in the study in a basket.  Jim attached some toys to the rope and when he wants to play, he leads us to the study and to that basket.  Yes he is one spoiled dog.

My wise husband shared something with me when I first started teaching school.  I had a little girl in my class that was very challenging.  I think she was much smarter than her teacher and she knew how to push my buttons.  One day Jim said to me…”When she throws out the rope, don’t pick it up.”  It was as simple as not responding to her challenge to argue and deal with her negative behavior.  I had to be the adult and redirect her.  When I don’t have time to play with Zeke and his rope, I don’t follow him to the study.  He will ask several times, but when I don’t go to the basket, he finds something else to do.

This week, someone will throw a rope your way, and you have a choice to make, to tug back and forth with them, or to choose a different way of dealing with that person.  Use humor, or just tell them, I am not picking up the rope!  I had a teacher in middle school who taught us a saying that I have remembered for many years.  It is this, “Don’t let someone else’s actions make you react.” Walk away from the rope and have a calmer day!

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