Bad Attitude

Do you ever feel like this?  I call this a bad attitude.  When I taught first grade I had a little guy that told me his tummy had a “bad attitude”.  A few minutes later he threw up all over the place.  I passed this information on to his second grade teacher and wished his kindergarten teacher had done that for me!  I told Jim this morning that I had a bad attitude.  I don’t want to do anything on my “to do” list!  I don’t want to do anything…that’s the issue!  I am blaming the dogs for waking me up three times last night and the dull dreary weather.  That’s it, it’s not my fault I am grumpy and lazy!  One of the things I prayed often for my daughters was that they would be accountable for their mistakes.  So I am going to get up off this couch, go for a nice long walk with my husband, and then come home and find that “to do” list and start doing it!  I am going to choose to disregard my feelings and focus on my blessings.  Thank you Lord for this day and all the sweet things you have planned for me.  I look forward to sharing it with you!


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