God’s Library

Many years ago when my youngest daughter Andi was in high school, (but not driving her own car yet), we drove to work and school together. We prayed for each other and shared our thoughts on many subjects.  These were precious times for me and all these years later I remember the time fondly.  One day while driving, Andi had a neat thought.  She had a hope for heaven.  She said that God made calculus and all the fun things she liked to learn.  She said she thought we would continue to learn in heaven.  She said she hoped God had a library.  She told me that just as I cherished the little notes she and her sister wrote to me, God must have saved the notes written by His children.  She said she couldn’t wait to spend time in God’s library.

So today God I am writing something I hope will go in that library. Thank you for being my Lord.  Thank you for my life and family.  You are so important to me and I just love you so much.  Thank you for Andi.  She continues to astound me all these years later with her tender heart and hunger for you.  One day she and I may sit in an overstuffed chair in heaven and read together in God’s library.

2 thoughts on “God’s Library

  1. hollybristol September 21, 2012 / 7:24

    Oh, Miss Karen. This touched me in a very special place… it’s high-time you met my Sutton. Her dream is to live in a house that is a library (with a sleepy cat, a fire and a cup of tea). She feels obligated to “save the books” from all being digitized. In heaven, she will be in the other chair across the room with a stack of “to reads” sky high. Thank you for this wonderful visual I can share with her.

  2. karenworth September 21, 2012 / 7:24

    Thanks Holly. I do need to meet her. I only like to read real books. I love the smell and the texture in my hands. I get it! Hugs!

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