Worth the wait!

patience buddy, patience

I should be better at waiting for things, considering my advancing age.  Jim is so good at it, except maybe when he’s driving, and even then, he is better than most!  The past few days I have had to wait more than normal for repairmen who don’t show up.  This frustrates me since I try to keep my promises.  Anyway while ironing today I started thinking about the times I have waited for something and it was worth the wait. I waited for Jim to come along, my knight in shining armor!  I waited for my daughters enduring two second trimester miscarriages, they were so worth the wait!  I waited, not patiently, for the sales person to come from a meeting and show us the lot we now have our dream house on.  It was worth waiting for.  I am also waiting for Jesus to return for us, and that is hard to wait for, but when it happens, it will be worth the wait!  So I write this blog as I wait for that repairman to pull up. He may not come today, but that’s really not important!  So many things are worth waiting for!



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