Fall things just for fun!

My mom is living in an assisted living facility.  Today went went looking for pictures of fall things in the woods to share with her since she can’t go for a walk in our woods.  Libby our Yorkie led the way!  :0)

We have a few pomegranates and persimmons this year even with the drought.

We have seen lots of cactus fruit also.

Libby wanted to see if there were any critters in the hollow tree!  Thank goodness they weren’t there right now!

This is what Zeke our other Yorkie did while we went on our nature walk.  Think I’ll join him! Thank you Lord for the recent rains and the cooler temperatures and all the lovely things You showed us today!

2 thoughts on “Fall things just for fun!

  1. Rhonda Sittig October 18, 2012 / 7:24

    I/m trying to guess what state you live in by the foliage. Maybe California? Lovely post.

    • karenworth October 18, 2012 / 7:24

      Good guess! We live in San Antonio, Texas! Thanks for stopping by!

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