Hey Diddle Diddle

I am posting a “blog” I wrote over 30 years ago.  My prayer is that it will cause young mothers to slow down and breath in the beauty of the time they have with their children.  The days are long, but the years are fast.  Don’t waste them.

As wrists become thin

And chubby fingers knobby

Little hand

Don’t let go just yet.

Sit beside me

We’ll sing “Hey Diddle Diddle”

And you will be all mine, just a little longer.

Mother heart,

Listen to the Lord

And He will teach you

When to hold on

And when to release them

To jump over their own moons.

Oh Lord gives these moms the grace to not only allow their children to grow up, but help them grow in you.  Give them wisdom and joy in their labors which seem endless now, but it is a season that will pass way too fast.  Help them to cherish the precious moments.  Amen

*Hey Diddle Diddle is a nursery rhyme.


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