Joy in it all!

This past few days have had some irritating challenges. They are by no means as challenging as real illness, or heart ache.  Just little issues!  Jim’s truck battery was dead.  Called the insurance company for roadside assistance and was informed we do NOT have that option for the truck.  They said we opted out of roadside assistance for the truck.  Why would I opt out for assistance for a used truck that would likely NEED roadside assistance?  Ugh! My Yorkie, Zeke, was unwell.  We were not sure what was wrong, so I called our vet and they were booked, but they gave me the number for another clinic.  When I called, I was sent to three different people, and not one could understand me when I said our last name was WORTH!  I was about to come undone and start to raise my voice when Jim took the phone from me and started talking to them.  Zeke ended up being fine.  But not fun.  My new computer magically lost the volume icon on the taskbar.  I tried every way I could to fix it.  Jim tried too.  As a last resort, I called tech support.  That was one hour of torture, but we got it fixed.  Since I was tired, decided to go grab a bite to eat and not have to cook.  Placed my order, pulled out my wallet to pay, and after he gave me the price, he corrected himself, and said, no it is only….this price, I gave you the Senior discount.  Oh just shoot me!  I did not need to hear how old I look after the day I have had.  But I regrouped, changed my thoughts.  I chose instead to think about the goodness of God and thank Him for all the blessings.  A truck that works, a sweet puppy, a great husband, a new computer that HAS support, food to eat, and being older has it’s perks!  We curled up together (all four of us, two people, two puppies) on the couch and watched our favorite show and enjoyed the PEACE. I survived a challenging day and still found JOY in it all! That is because I have an awesome God!

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