This is the reason I didn’t post a blog today!  Who would think that this little cable connection would cause so much frustration!
The cable guy came yesterday @ 4:00 to replace our actual cable outside for our TV, internet, and telephone. We had been having lots of issues. To say I am not a huge fan of our unnamed cable company would be an understatement. We have been communicating often lately :0) Anyway, as he finished burying the new cable and was just about to drive away, I happened to notice we had zero service. No TV, no internet, no phone! Jim ran out to catch him. He said he was only a cable guy, and we would need to call the company. After much time on the phone, cell phone that is, because we had NO phone, I was told we would have to WAIT until the next day for them to fix our issue. I wish I could say I took the news well, but I did not. I did not. So after mucho time chatting with my friend at the cable company, I had to resign myself to a battle lost.

So we sat down and ate dinner at the table without any TV! Perish the thought! We had to just enjoy each other’s company.

After dinner I worked on some Bible study at the table, without Bible Gateway or the internet! I just had to use my real Bible with actual pages I had to turn! I know, you are grabbing a tissue about now aren’t you! Hey I had to write this blog on a LEGAL PAD! A legal pad people! Sniff, sniff! Then I sat on the deck and looked at this view.

That was the last straw! I started to call the cable and company and tell them to wait a week or two to fix our service! I was unplugged and I survived! The song I embedded is amazing.  He is really all we need.  Just Jesus!

P.S. It took the guy who came today exactly 5 minutes to fix the connection. That unnamed cable company is not my friend and can not come to my party! :0(


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