Zeke and Libby explore the woods!

Zeke and Libby are the world’s cutest and smartest Yorkies!  Zeke is on the right, and Libby is on the left.  They are brother and sister.  They were 5 years old in May.  Most people think Yorkie’s are purse dogs.  At our house that is NOT the case!

We have a large wooded space behind our house.  Each day Jim and the dogs go on adventures.  They chase squirrels, rabbits, and imaginery creatures  every day! They have never caught one, thank heavens, becasue the things they are chasing are much bigger than Zeke (7 lbs) and Libby (5 lbs).

This morning Jim photgraphed their walk.

Zeke likes to smell the air and look around.  He likes to take things nice and slow.  We could learn some good lessons from Zeke.

Libby is intense and ready to go!  She is eager to hunt in any kind of weather 24/7.  Who would think a little Yorkie would be like this!

Sometimes they find a scent and push and shove to see who can smell first.  They are NOT good at taking turns.  Libby is the boss though and she always gets first choice.  Zeke doesn’t mind.  He is just a happy guy!

Sometimes they work as a team.

And other times, they go in different directions.  That is when Jim has to be in good shape to keep up with these hunters!  We are so thankful for our dogs, good health, lovely walks in the woods, and God the giver of all good things.  Thank you Lord for Jim, Zeke, and Libby!


5 thoughts on “Zeke and Libby explore the woods!

  1. gentlyspeaking October 23, 2012 / 7:24

    Awww! They are both adorable! I’m a dog trainer so I get to see lots of Yorkies and I can honestly say, yours are darling! I love seeing them out and about in the “woods” getting to be real dogs too. 🙂 Love your post and the pups that made it happen.

    • karenworth October 23, 2012 / 7:24

      They are the world’s most loved dogs! They give back a ton of love in return!

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