Old versus New

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

I had the chance to upgrade to Windows 8 this week.  When I bought my new computer, it was part of the package.  When it came out, I was all excited.  I love technology, so I got it the first day it was available.  Had a bunch of issues thanks to this software.  There have been times when I wish I had Windows 7 back!  I like it much better, because it is easier to navigate.  That made me ponder as many things often do, about the merits of the old way versus the new way.  I can read my Bible on my I-pad, cell phone, or computer.  It has every version known to man.

But there is something special about holding the actual Bible my husband bought me 38 years ago, when I went to my first Bible study, and needed a study Bible, that is precious and real.  It feels good in my hands, it knows me!  It is so old, I had to have it rebound.  New might be fun and exciting, but today I would like my Windows 7 back.  After I am finished writing this, I will pick up my real Bible and smell the leather and feel the weight of it in my hands, and turn the pages with joy.  Tonight I just want the old stuff!


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