Memories :0)

Allow me a moment to get all teary as I looked back at pictures of our Yorkies today.  I am making a photo album for my mom for Christmas.  She adores our dogs, so I was looking at pictures of them to print for her.   I have a bad case of puppy fever.  Our neighbors have new puppies and I miss Zeke and Libby as puppies.  I love the way puppies smell and play, and every thing about puppies! So I will post some pictures of my two loves when they were tiny.  Libby and Zeke are 5 1/2 now.  Libby is 5 lbs. and Zeke is around 7lbs. When they were puppies they each weighed a pound and a half.


They were black balls of fur! As they grew, they got cuter and cuter.  This was Libby:


This was Zeke:

DSC00905This was the two of them:

DSC00945Now they are all grown up, but still adorable! This was Christmas 2007.

DSC01125And this is Christmas 2012.  Everyone is older :0)

DSCN6683I am not asking Santa for a puppy for Christmas.  My heart and our bed are both full enough :0)  Thanks for letting me go back in time.  Life is wonderful with Jesus, Jim, and two Yorkies!  I pray your Christmas is Merry and Bright!  Mine sure will be!

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  1. jimwking December 9, 2012 / 7:24

    Nice, again

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