DSCN6781I don’t recall the moment I became a Scrooge,  it was a slow process.  Oh you can’t tell it by my home.  I still decorate the house and bake loads of cookies and goodies.  But I don’t enjoy all the silly over abundant gift giving or commercialism.  I would skip Christmas if I had the choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the True Christmas story.  I’m just being honest, not a fan of Christmas!  Well we went to church this morning and some sweet friends sit in front of us each week.  They are over 80 and ADORABLE!  We get to church early just to save seats for people who sit around us.  They have become very special to us since me moved here 5 years ago.  The man who sits in front of us said something today that made me tear up.  His name is Harry, don’t you just love that name!  He loves football and golf.  He used to sell appliances.  I love to talk to Harry.  He says the neatest things.  Today I asked him if he put up his tree this year. He told me he did.  He loves Christmas.  The thing he said that made me tear up was this….he said, “I love Christmas lights!  I wish everyone would leave them up all year!”  Tonight I think I’ll see if Jim will drive around the neighborhood and look at the Christmas lights with me.   I want to give Christmas a second chance this year.  To be more like Harry and enjoy the sweetness he sees through his eyes.  To focus on beauty not things, people not stuff, joy real joy,  Jesus the Light!  Thanks Harry!


2 thoughts on “Harry

  1. judikruis December 24, 2012 / 7:24

    I’m similar Karen. I love the birth of Jesus everyday but not what much of the rest has come to mean. This year for me was really enjoying Christmas carols. Bless you

  2. karenworth December 24, 2012 / 7:24

    Carols are great! We did go look at lights last night and that was fun! Bless you back!

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