Listen to Joy!


I love spending a few minutes each day at my favorite spot to “be still”!  While sitting there the other day I was keenly aware of beautiful sounds.  I heard

the birds

the breeze


the waterfall.

All of those sounds were joyful and uplifting to my heart.  If they had been all I heard, it would have been enough.  But thankfully I heard another sound.  A sound I have to focus and really listen to hear…. the still small voice of God.  I heard it in the passages of Scripture I read.  He spoke to me from the book of

1 Peter 5:6 a

So be content with who you are…

This joyful sound made me stop and think about how God views me.  Not the way I view myself.  So I am trying to apply that bit of advice to my life.  The birds sounded sweeter and the breeze felt warm against my face.  I hope each of you will listen for JOY.



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