Bees :0)


Every year at MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) we have a theme and the tables each have a name.  I am NOT a mother of a preschooler, but I am a mentor for our group.  It is a ministry I am honored to serve in.  This year’s theme has to do with bees.  I adore bees and have had fun making little things with this theme!  We start each year in the fall and at the moment we are busily planning next year.  It takes all summer to get ready for a new batch of “mommies” to minister to.  I was delighted to see the table names for 2013/2014.  They are

Be Thankful

Be True

Be Present

Be Loving


Be Positive.

All are excellent choices!  I am continually amazed and excited to see the depth and heart of the women on this team.  They are each uniquely gifted and it makes the group stronger and caring!  While jogging today I thought about what my “bee” name would be this year as a mentor.  It came to me about a mile down the road….Be Available! 

I want to be available to pray, listen, encourage, hug, and walk shoulder to shoulder with these young mothers.  If you have a chance to mentor a younger woman, take it.  You receive much more than you will ever give.  Bee a Mentor!


2 thoughts on “Bees :0)

  1. Connie June 24, 2013 / 7:24

    Hi! I think my Be is Be encouraging!

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