Rock and a Hard Place


Recently I have noticed little flowers growing out of crevices, between a rock and a hard place for sure.  Growing and blooming in next to nothing!

springtime 008

Their beauty is not diminished by their rough surroundings or lack of rain and fertile ground.


This little zinnia makes my eyes tear up.  One little seed trying to survive in truly a bad spot!


One reason flowers bloom is to send out seeds so we can have more flowers….more bees, more hummingbirds, more JOY! So my friend, if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, you can curl up and cry, or you can bloom!  Bloom with every fiber in your being! I know you can! You were created to grow and show off your Creator. He will provide all you need and when the sun is too harsh, you will find shelter under His wings!





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