All through my day I see them, scattered here and there.  Sometimes easy to see and sometimes you have to bend a knee to enjoy them.  I have a Rolodex of them in my heart and mind.  I log some in a journal.  Things of value to me, probably not to anyone else.  Treasures!


Zeke enjoying the smells and warmth of the woods.  Such a treasure!


Libby looking for a critter to chase.  A precious treasure!


Butterflies everywhere, but each one unique and special!


My turtle friend swimming up to take a snack I brought her.  Watching her swim is soothing and a treasure!


A lizard scooting across the sidewalk.


A woodpecker on the feeder.


And the best treasure is time with my best friend!

Take a few minutes to think about your treasures! Of course Jesus is the Greatest Treasure on my list every single day!


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