When I make mistakes, and mess up, I always try to tell others, so they will learn from my mistakes.  Twice a year I am a facilitator for a ladies Bible study.  I don’t choose the study, I just get to share things with my table of friends each week.  This semester we are studying Priscilla Shirer’s study, Gideon.  I taught hundreds of children the story of Gideon for many years, when I heard this was our subject I was less than excited.  Nothing wrong with Gideon, just not one I would not have considered.  I started  it last night, to get a jump-start before we actually begin.  Fall is always a busy season in my life, so I always try to do as much prep ahead as I can.  I was blown away by the first day’s lesson.  She had a section she titled The Deliverance Principle.  It spoke of how a covenant worked back in the times of Gideon.  It was so rich and moving that I read it over and over again. My eyes were full of repentant tears! In the background I had Pandora Radio playing a Hillsong station.  For those that don’t know Hillsong, it is a worship group of epic levels!  Anyway I really didn’t listen to what was playing, but the Spirit did.  He planned a certain song to be playing while I studied.  As I got ready for bed a song was in my head.  I had to go back and check my I-pad to see if it was the song I hadn’t really listened to.  It was!  It was Forever Reign by Hillsong.  The last line is, “My heart will sing no other Name, Jesus“!  The covenant relationship is sacred.  We are not supposed to break it by worshiping other gods.  Back in the day of Gideon the consequences of breaking a covenant was death and destruction.  Because of Jesus, He made my covenant with God in my place.  You see I can’t be trusted to keep my covenants.  I fail countless times, but because of Him, God still loves me.  And because of all this, my heart will sing no other NAME!  No other NAME but Jesus!  Even with a crummy attitude and stubborn heart, He comes, and He pours out Grace and Love, and Himself all over me!  My covenant with Him is secure and forever.  What a joy that is!

This is the song I heard on my I-pad.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Gideon

  1. Twyla August 12, 2013 / 7:24

    Love it and have always loved the song. Can’t wait!

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