Text from God

When Jim first joined the Air Force, he was a weather observer.  Whenever I want to know if it is going to rain, I ask him if the clouds look like they are rain makers.  He always tells me, “No they need more elevation, vertical development to be rain makers.”  Today at the end of our walk, I saw some clouds and although they looked dark, they were not rainmakers.  Satan is like the low dark clouds, he looks dark and scary, but he is all show, no rain.  When I sat down to read my Bible I was reading Psalm 21 and I first read it in the NIV.  Next I read it in the Message and it had a sweet “text” from God:

“You lifted me (him) high and bright as a cumulus cloud.” Psalm 21

It is no accident that I was thinking about clouds and this little verse was tucked away for me to read.  A message from God, he is so personal and unlike Satan his clouds are rain makers and they refresh my heart daily.  Thank you God, this is my text back to you:

“I love you so much!  Thank you for loving me too! And Lord, please send some rain clouds to our area!  And not just clouds, but real rain, refreshing rain!”


2 thoughts on “Text from God

  1. Mich-in-French August 19, 2013 / 7:24

    Thank you for that encouragement – beautiful words and so true xxx our God is so incredible!

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