I have to begin this blog with a disclaimer.  The Worth household has a tendency to make up words and phrases and use them forever and then forget if they are made up or real.  Our Kung fu word is “Hi-yaka”.  That’s the word we use when we karate chop each other after a Karate Kid  or Jackie Chan movie.  No one in our family has ever taken any martial arts classes.  I hope it’s not a Japanese swear word 🙂  I asked my  daughter if she thought this was a word we made up and she thought it probably was.  Anyway Jim and I watched the newest Karate Kid movie on Sunday.  We are always way behind on movies because:

1.  We only watch movies on Netflix (too cheap for the real thing)

2.  We have to have the time to watch them, and there are soooo many other things we like to do

Anyway, there has been lots of hi-yakas at out house after that movie.  We do pull our punches though, so no people or dogs are injured around here!  When I taught first grade the bathroom door was very heavy and I often had little ones come and tell me they couldn’t get it open.  My response was often, “Did you tell the door hi-yaka?”  This would result in giggles and extra strength to get that pesky door open.   We had way too much fun in first grade land!  Lately I have faced some challenges in my life that were as heavy as that door was to my first graders.  Today I am saying HI-YAKA to fear, worry, laziness, and  bad attitudes.  I am asking You Lord to open the doors that need to open and close the ones that need to stay shut.  Allow your richest blessings and mighty Grace to be poured out on those I love and even those I find hard to love.  I’m so glad for silly words and fun times, and  I am excited to watch the Lord take care of my needs.


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