The Nativity

This blog was written years ago, but it needs to be read again, if by no one else but me!  Slowing down to touch HIM! Taking time to thank HIM!  Taking time to enjoy HIM! That is what Christmas is all about!

When I taught first grade in a Christian school, each Christmas I would set up the nativity set Jim and I bought when we were in Bethlehem. It was carved out of olive wood.   I would always allow the kids to touch the set and it started off set up like the first picture, and then always ended up like the second photo.

It seems in a first grader’s mind that all the figures wanted to be as close to the Baby Jesus as possible.  This movement of figures happened every single year I taught.  It always amazed me!So today Lord Jesus, this Christmas 2013, I want to move myself as close to your manger as I can and reach out and touch the baby who came to save us all.

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