I have a great friend on Facebook who asked a good question recently.  She said, “Does anyone do one word resolutions?  What’s your word for 2014?”  Well naturally there were some thoughtful responses like, breath, balance, peace, and improve.  I posted a word and I think everyone thought I was saying I didn’t have one.  I said, “NO”.  I literally meant my one word resolution for 2014 was NO!  Seriously it is just plain old NO!  No to so many things will be my response this year!

No to obligations I really don’t feel like are things I should do.  I read this statement today that explains it a little clearer,  when you let others’ expectations drive you, you scatter your energy to the winds.  I want to focus on the things God wants me to do.

No to television more often and yes to reading and creating things!

No to the guilt trip I put on myself.

No to being anyone else but me!  Just being me is so much easier and it gives my heart wings to soar!

No to that little voice who keeps you awake at night worrying about things that never happen!

No to the foods I know my body doesn’t need (I started this one last year).

My word for 2014 is NO!  It is truly a resolution I plan to keep all year!

3 thoughts on “NO

  1. Bev January 4, 2014 / 7:24

    great word! I especially can use the statement about other’s expectations! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. farfetchedfriends January 4, 2014 / 7:24

    “No” indeed!
    I think my one word is “acceptance” and I figured that out the other day. I’ll be blogging about it in a day or two.

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