Road runners! Meep meep!

*Note, Zeke is a 7 lb Yorkie!  Libby is his 5lb. sister! I wrote this account some time ago, but wanted to repost it.  Enjoy and blessings!

A while back  Jim saw a road runner in the green belt that caught a lizard.  He told me about it.  We have seen a road runner a few times in our neighborhood.  We were  amazed at how big they are.  In the afternoon Jim was out front with just Zeke, our boy Yorkie, hand watering a few plants. Libby, Zeke’s sister was in the side yard looking for lizards, her favorite pastime!   Jim was chatting with our neighbor.  I was in my crafting room and when I glanced out the window I saw our neighbor acting like a herding dog, trying to keep Libby in our yard, but I didn’t see Jim and Zeke.  I opened the door and had Libby come inside and asked our neighbor what was up.  He said Zeke spotted the road runner and just took off.  Just like the Coyote and the Road runner in the cartoons I used to watch as a kid.  He was trying to keep Libby from running after Jim. For the record, our dogs are trained to stay in the yard even without a leash.  They don’t try to run away or into the street, until the road runner! I was concerned that Zeke might get hurt by a car or even pecked by the bird.  I’m sure road runners are not fond of dogs chasing them.  Anyway, a few minutes later I saw Jim holding Zeke and walking home.  Jim jokingly said, “Hey Sal, whatever you do, don’t tell my wife that Zeke chased a roadrunner all over the neighborhood.  She would only worry and fret!”  Ha ha, very funny Jim!  It made me think of the times my Heavenly Father has watched me do foolish things, like chasing road runners.  Thankfully, like Jim he comes and rescues me and brings me home safely.  I asked Jim if he fussed at Zeke, and he said no, he was only having fun.  That’s what dads say! I scolded Zeke and told him to get in the house.  That’s what moms say! He just came inside, got a big drink and curled up on his mat and went to sleep.  He was probably dreaming of chasing roadrunners, but in his dream, he caught it!  Go Zeke go!


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