Learning the Hard Way


Sixty-two should be old enough to learn lessons quickly, but sadly I find myself in a constant do over with each trial or difficulty I face.  As many times as the Lord has had to rescue me, you would think I would remember His lessons.  But sadly, I am a slow learner, a C- student at best.  Spent the past week taking care of my 83 year old mother.  She can be a challenge when she is well, but ill, she is as I like to call her, a “pain in the brain”.  I love her dearly, but she is not any easy patient.  She came close to dying on Sunday.  I was a wreck.  As many times as God has been faithful, you would think I would have the worry part done and buried.  No, no I did not!  I fretted and couldn’t eat or sleep.  When I walked into the hospital room the next day, I expected to see her in a coma, but instead she was sitting up, drinking a cup of water, looking like she hadn’t just had a heart attack and a massive infection raging through her body.  Sunday her fever was 104.7 and Monday it was 98.8.  Sigh!   This isn’t the first time God has helped me with taking care of her.  This is the fourth hospital stay just in the past year.  We had three more before that.  She is wonder woman but God is the wonderful Savior!  I want to tell Him I am sorry for not trusting Him more, and for not just leaning into His arm that could have held me up.  That is why tonight I have a fresh new look on my blog.  A spring theme as it were.  A new beginning to try not to have to learn the hard way any more, or at least not as often!   Spring and it’s promise of fresh starts is upon us.  I know I am happy to see flowers and birds and a chance to be closer to the Lord who is so good to me, all the time!


One thought on “Learning the Hard Way

  1. jimwking March 19, 2014 / 7:24

    Touching and positive tribute. Nice. Good for you. Blessings, J.

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